Overcoming Childhood Obesity Through Advocacy: Embolden, Equip and Mobilize Healthcare Professionals

Status: Complete

WHAT: A project to develop and deliver unique obesity advocacy training for 20,000 healthcare professionals in one or more of the following areas: school food, healthy food access, physical activity out of school time, and changes to the built environment.

WHO: Healthcare professionals across the country.

WHEN: August 2012 to July 2014

FUNDER: The project was funded by The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation in partnership with Medscape, a leading provider of medical education through online training.

NICHQ'S ROLE: Developed a strategy and provided content expertise in quality improvement for the development of the training modules.

Get Trained in Effective Advocacy

Screenshot from NICHQ's Obesity Prevention Advocacy Training

NICHQ's Obesity Prevention Advocacy Training is an interactive online course that teaches healthcare professionals how to advocate for obesity prevention policies that support healthy, active living for children in their communities.

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