Having a Ball While Preventing Childhood Obesity

We’ve partnered with NBA FIT, the league’s comprehensive health and wellness platform, to help children and families be active, eat healthy and play together. 

Through resources like the Total Health Forum, an upcoming mobile app and community events, NBA FIT continues the discussion around childhood obesity and creates new resources to improve health outcomes. Our CEO Scott Berns participated in the Total Health Forum, speaking about childhood obesity and factors that influence it alongside former NBA players and leaders in the healthcare field. 

We share the NBA’s goal of preventing and treating childhood obesity. Over the years, we’ve led and been involved with projects that examine this healthcare issue and seek to create sustainable, systemic changes to improve children’s health. For instance, the Mass in Motion Kids Learning Collaborative focused on two Massachusetts communities, making improvements to obesity prevention measures in primary care, schools and after-school programs. Additionally, our Collaborate for Healthy Weight initiative brought together primary care providers, public health and community leaders across the country to identify, test and evaluate promising obesity prevention and treatment practices. 

We hope to offer our quality improvement expertise to more communities and raise awareness for best practices in preventing childhood obesity. Through collaboration and innovation, we can ensure that all children throughout the U.S. can achieve their optimal health.



NBA FIT is dedicated to encouraging children to be active and make healthy decisions. Through community events, partnerships with local and national organizations, and the creation of new tools and resources, the program promotes exercise and teaches children how to lead healthy lives. Learn more.External Link