Childhood Obesity Prevention and Treatment (CHOPT) Projects

Status: Complete

WHAT: Two projects that analyze Medicaid programs that are designed to prevent and treat childhood obesity to learn how they affect families and identify promising practices.

WHO: Participants include stakeholders in obesity prevention and treatment nationwide, including healthcare providers and families.

WHEN: May 2016 to November 2016

FUNDER: The projects are funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation in partnership with the Institute for Medicaid Innovation

NICHQ'S ROLE: Conduct face-to-face interviews with families who participate in childhood obesity prevention and treatment programs. The interviews will inform the creation of a toolkit for innovative and promising programs to reduce childhood obesity in the Medicaid population. Convene a meeting of the CHOPT advisory committee, key stakeholders and families to create a discussion about childhood obesity and define strategies for prevention and treatment programs.


Children At Gym Class


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