Topic: Obesity


Tackling Obesity in Communities


We’re pioneering efforts to prevent and manage childhood obesity began more than a decade ago. We have spearheaded the development of tools, approaches and measures that have made us a leading organization for engaging pediatric primary care providers in addressing obesity.

We have also been innovators in bringing together multiple sectors—public health, primary care and community organizations—to make system-level and environment changes to improve prevention and treatment for obesity.

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Here are a handful of our best results from the projects in this topic area.

  • Demonstrated the feasibility of improving clinical care related to obesity prevention by working with more than 30 primary care sites to implement improved care delivery methods.
  • Contributed to the adoption of BMI monitoring, nutrition and physical activity counseling as performance measures by NCQA.
  • Created a national network of more than 5,000 clinicians to share information and approaches and a toolkit for implementing expert recommendations into practice.
  • Developed an obesity prevention advocacy training program that has helped hundreds of participants advance policies to support healthier communities.
  • Obtained commitments from three electronic health record companies to embed “healthy weight plans” in their core products, which helps to make conversations about healthy weight part of doctor visits.